Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Camera technology is becoming more popular for residences and small businesses seeking a convenient way to monitor their properties over the Ethernet through a wireless router or over standard Wi-Fi, often using a smart phone application to receive motion alerts and to view their property in real-time while away. Legacy ProCraft Group provides expert wireless security camera system technical and design assistance to Harrisburg PA, York PA, Lancaster PA, Gettysburg PA and Hanover PA.

Honeywell’s wireless camera technology is based on encrypted Wi-Fi protocols to provide secure wireless communication. They are available for both indoor and outdoor network security. Honeywell wireless surveillance systems integrate seamlessly with TotalConncet remote management services. Some models support wireless motion detection with instantaneous email alert to your smart phone, allowing you to view live images as the alarm event happens.

Vera Wireless Surveillance Systems and Automation Control

Harrisburg PA, Hanover PA, York PA, Lancaster PA, Gettysburg PA Wireless and Automation Experts Wireless security cameras are often integrated with home and small business automation and security systems, and are available for the the Z-Wave family of automation products, the industry standard for automation control. Vera makes automation and integrated wireless surveillance systems very simple to specify. With Vera there is no longer any need to wonder if different systems will integrate seamlessly as all Vera products are built on the internationally recognized Z-Wave protocol.

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