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Save Up to 30% on UL Rated Cash Safes, Burglar Safes, and Depositories

Legacy ProCraft Group offers a select line of quality UL Rated Burglar safes, floor safes and cash depositories for our discerning residential and commercial customers in central Pennsylvania seeking the best value and convenience when shopping for a safe that offers great protection for their assets. Legacy makes buying a safe easy and affordable. They discretely handle every aspect of delivery and installation, even for in-the-wall and floor safes, and believe that purchasing a safe should be done privately to ensure a safe’s maximum security.

Commercial Rated Fire Safes and Data Storage Safes for Less

We are an authorized dealer of quality Hollon Safes that are made right here in USA. We provide high quality safes for all of your needs. We provide a free safe buying consultation right at your location and when you order your fire and/or burglary safe from Legacy ProCraft we can save you even more money by arranging to have the safe drop-shipped at your location.

Legacy Makes Safe Buying Easy, Affordable and Convenient for Customers in York PA, Lancaster PA, Hanover Pa and Gettysburg PA

No matter where you are located at in central Pennsylvania call Legacy to schedule your free no-pressure safe buying consultation today. You will amazed at our great prices and superior customer service. Contact us today at (717) 739-9293 for all of Your Safe Needs.

Safe Repair, Safe Combination Changing and Safe Lock-Outs

Legacy ProCraft Group’s safe and vault technicians are available for a wide range of safe and safe lock service, maintenance and repair. From safe combination changes performed by experienced personnel to efficient troubleshooting to new safe locks installed Legacy provides fast and affordable service to central Pennsylvania.

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Vault Construction

Interestingly, only one vault has been tested and survived against atomic blast. The strong room at the Teikoku Bank in Hiroshima was close to the center of the explosion and yet remained intact.

from Locks, Safes and Security + by Mark Weber Tobias, 2006
Nationwide Turn-Key Vault Construction Program

Legacy Security Group offers comprehensive turn-key vault design, engineering and vault construction services for banks, depositories, investment and precious metals houses, jewelry exchanges and data storage facilities nationwide. LSG’s Vault Designs Exceed Codes including: ASTM, DoD Information Security Program: Protection of Classified Information, the Bank Protection Act and Insurance Services Office standards.

Blueprint Control for Increased Bank Vault Security

As a leading vault builder and bank vault contractor Legacy Security Group takes very serious a vault construction project’s operational security requirements. Our final plans are only reproduced in limited numbers. Each document is numbered and tracked throughout the entire vault construction. At the end of construction all issued plans are collected and securely incinerated. The single remaining set, the controlling set, of construction documents are then released to the vault owner.

Modular Vault Doors

Non-grouted vault door installations allow our customers to move and place the door assemblies from an existing or outdated vault chamber to a new vault chamber with standard vault door setting ease. This allows for reuse of vault doors should a vault owner wish to expand to a larger location or new vault chamber.

Additional Vault and Safe Room Services
  • Vault Re-Engineering
  • Vault Refurbishment and Upgrade
  • Vault Security Audits and Compromise Testing
  • Vault and Strong Room Security Analysis and Security Planning
  • Threat Exercises
  • Safe Room Construction
  • Fall-Out Shelter Construction
  • Reinforced and Hardened Structure Construction
Safe Deposit Box Service

Whether a business needs to expand, repair or refurbish older safe deposit box nests or install new safe deposit boxes Legacy locksmiths service the leading brands in the market including Diebold, Yale, S & G and many others. In cases where a customer key is missing or a lock malfunctions, Legacy technicians are skilled in many opening methods including pulling noses, drilling for the fence, hinge cutting and equally skilled in creating seem-less repairs and making first keys.rst keys.

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22 People Survive In Bank Vault

Jan Davis & Teresa Price of Tinker Federal Credit Union describe how they hid in a vault as the building was destroyed. Source: CNN

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