Motorcycle Locksmith

Motorcycle Locksmith

Searching for a reliable motorcycle locksmith near York PA, Hanover PA or Gettysburg PA? Count on the specialists at Legacy ProCraft for expert service, reasonable rates and 24 hour on-call technicians skilled in solving all areas of cycle lock and key problems.

Local Service For Riders in York, Hanover and Gettysburg

While most other local locksmith companies refuse to do motorcycle locksmithing due to the demanding training requirements and high cost of entry, we gladly perform this work for clients throughout York and Adams county, in fact we are the only motorcycle locksmith with an office in Hanover PA.

Motorcycle Keys Made

We stock over 250 of the most popular motorcycle key blanks, including Harley Davidson keys, Honda keys, Kawasaki keys, Suzuki keys and Yamaha keys.

Duplicate Motorcycle Keys

If you need motorcycle keys cut or motorcycle keys made simply call us anytime. We can cut keys from an existing key (duplicate), from a key code, or even from a broken key. If your accessory locks, like a seat or gas tank lock is keyed differently from the motorcycle ignition lock we can cut a key where one side works your ignition and the reverse side works the accessory locks.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

And if you have lost all your keys to your cycle, don’t worry. We have that covered too. Many times lost keys can be replaced by generation new keys by a code (either stamped on the lock plug or available from the dealership). If you lose you motorcycle keys, you do not need to replace the ignition and accessory locks. On occasion it is necessary to tear-down the ignition in order to decode the wafers for a new first key.

Motorcycle Ignition Service

Ignition and Lock Keying Many times customers will have two keys for their motorcycle, one for the ignition and one for the gas cap and seat lock. It is an easy process for our technicians to re-key your other locks to match the ignition lock for your motorcycle. Also, we have seen older motorcycles sometimes experience problems with the ignition lock wafers from years of being exposed to the weather. Again the easy and affordable solution is to contact Legacy for a quote for having a motorcycle lock serviced.

Ignition Repair and Rebuild

Generally, motorcycle ignitions are built more reliably than car ignitions, but vibrations and weather can still cause them to fail. With the high cost of replacement ignitions and dealership service fees it just makes sense to contact a locksmith that specializes in motorcycle lock service. And consider that for older bikes parts may not even be available, contacting a lock and key expert may be the only choice to get you cruising again and still maintain the integrity of your locks.

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