Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Camera Systems for Home and Business

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Advanced Features-Affordable Price

Imagine being able to look into your home or business whenever you wanted, with no monthly fee or contract. Our security camera systems allow you to do just that from any smart phone, PC or Mac, where ever and whenever.

Or being able to receive email alerts whenever your security camera senses motion within its field-of-view. Our camera systems use state-of-the-art technology to detect motion within a custom grid using any time or day schedule that you want in order to alert you to any movement or intrusion event occurring.

Or of being able to see who is at the door before you open it. The security benefits of our systems can not be overstated and we design and package systems unique to your needs and budget constraints.

Selecting the Right Camera

Selecting the right security cameras for your video surveillance system is critical to the success of your video surveillance system. That is why the experts at Legacy ProCraft Group have undergone extensive training and certification in security camera systems technology. Be confident knowing your security needs are met and you are getting the most out of your surveillance system by having the correct security cameras in place.

First you need to determine what each camera needs to do to deliver the results you want. Cameras are available that can do one or all of the following:

Does it need to Detect security issues?

Cameras designed to detect security issues show scenes that allow you to know if something is happening. Typical applications include parking lots, warehouse and large venues that require a wide coverage area.

Does it need to Assess security issues?

Cameras designed to Assess security issues display an event and allow you to determine exactly what is happening. Typical applications include cash register monitoring, single room monitoring and single location monitoring.

Does it need to Recognize security issues?

Cameras designed to Recognize security issues allow you to determine exactly who is involved. Applications include monitored entry ways, strong room access points and casino gaming areas.

Once these determinations are made, our surveillance system designer will specify the unique lens to provide appropriate field of view as well as the security cameras resolution and special lighting conditions, including true day/night, IR illumination, digital noise reduction and digital slow shutter.

High Resolution Security Camera Systems

York PA, Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA, Gettysburg PA, Hanover PA Network cameras with HDTV performance can deliver pictures with true color representation and clear images even if the object is moving fast. This makes high resolution security camera systems highly attractive for venues such as retail stores, airports, casinos and highways.

The image quality improvements brought by high-definition TV has been well received and generates great demand in the consumer market. HDTV-compliant security camera systems deliver a resolution, color representation, 16:9 aspect ratio and frame rate that are in accordance with international standards, making them an appealing solution in any surveillance system that requires high quality images.

IP Camera

IP camera technology or megapixel cameras provide users with significantly enhanced surveillance capabilities by allowing viewers to increase area coverage and visual detail, including increased zooming, forensic detail analysis and increased field-of-view and area coverage. IP camera systems enables zoom-after-event from digital archives and supports facial and license plate recognition applications.

IP camera systems offer total networking capability with other security systems and advanced features such as video motion detection, pinpoint search ability and total network integration and management functions.

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