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Do You Have a Safe that Won’t Open with the Combination or the Key?

Whether you have a gun safe, fire safe or burglary safe that you lost the combination to or the lock just will not open Legacy’s resident safe specialist can help. Facing a safe lock-out situation can be a frustrating nightmare considering that most people only open their safe when they need immediate access to their valuables or important documents.

Electronic Safe Lock Keypad Failure

Electronic safe lock keypad failure is by far the most common cause of a safe not opening in the York PA and Harrisburg PA area. But before you call a locksmith or grab a sledgehammer and pry bar, try these few tips to see if you can get the safe open:

  • Buy a new Energizer or Duracell alkaline battery and replace your old battery – many times the cause of electronic lock failure is a drained battery. Even if an electronic lock has a low-battery indicator that is not going off, replace the battery with a brand new quality alkaline battey.
  • Remove the keypad and inspect for any visibly loose or broken connections. Most keypads are easily removed from their mounting screws or bracket. If a loose or broken connection is discovered try to reattach the wire in question. The lock will still need to be replaced, but you just may be able to get the safe open. A note of caution- if your safe lock is the type you turn the keypad to disengage the lock bolt, do not attempt to remove the keypad.
  • Check for a back-up key. Some commercial safes with electronic locks come with a back-up or emergency key that will open the safe. If your safe has a key, but you can’t figure out where to put it, check under the keypad, the keyway is usually hidden there.
  • YouTube it. Yes you heard me right, especially if you have a common, inexpensive commercial safe like stack on gun safes, gun vault safes, or sentry safes many of these containers have vulnerabilities that you can discover for yourself from a quick YouTube search. Because of the design flaws in many of these readily-available safes we always recommend that you purchase a quality safe from a reputable security specialist and not a big-box store.

Combination Safe Lock Repair and Opening

If you have a safe that has been vandalized by an attempted burglar, or a combination lock with a missing or non-working combination then your safe will need to be serviced by a safe specialist.

Lost combinations can oftentimes be overcome by manipulation. The lost combination will be determined by the safe expert through subtle changes in dial resistance. Other methods of opening a safe with a lost combination include computerized safe-dialers or even from the vibrations of a random orbit sander attached to the safe door (in some safes manufactured before 1980).

If you have a safe that has survived an attempted burglary, chances are you will need to have the safe professionally drilled open. Oftentimes thieves will attempt to punch through the safe dial or the spindle handle without realizing that in burglary-rated safes there is a secondary door relocker that will prevent the door from being opened without specialized drilling. The door relocker will thwart the thief but will also prevent you from opening the safe too.

Safe Opening and Repair Service Area

Legacy provides competitively-priced expert safe opening and repair services for the entire central Pennsylvania area, including:

  • York Pennsylvania Safe Opening and Safe Repair
  • Hanover Pennsylvania Safe Opening and Repair
  • Gettysburg Pennsylvania Safe Opening and Repair
  • Harrisburg Pennsylvania Safe Opening and Repair
  • Lancaster Pennsylvania Safe Opening and Repair

Our emergency safe opening and repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most models. Contact us today for an over-the-phone quote for emergency safe opening.

We also sell a full line of quality safe locks and accessories by S&G, La Guard, SecuRam, Mosler, LP Locks and Kaba-Mas. For a complete list of our locksmith and security service click here.

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