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June 1, 2014
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July 16, 2014

High End Access Control Systems

are finally affordable for small businesses

affordable access control systems for small and mid-sized businesses

With advances in technology pushing prices down for the relatively simple CPU’s that are at the heart of every electronic access control system, small businesses can now afford the enhanced security and convenience that a premier electronic access control system provides. Some of the newest sytems designed for small business applications are scaleable up to thousands of doors and fifty thousand unique users and feature intuitive set-up.

Today’s electronic access control systems are easy to set-up and easy to use as an integrated part of the business. They offer time-in and time-out functions and advanced reporting that easily integrates with your other business management systems. These systems are even being used to control and document the usage of plant equipment and machinery useful for security, accountability and time management oversight.

Best of all the newest systems are easily affordable for small businesses with solutions available for controlling the access of s single door, double doors, up to thousands of doors.

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Integrating Electronic Access Control with Existing Systems

The easy to use software for these access control systems runs on your standard PC yet are powerful enough to control and report not only facility access but also monitor and manage intrusion detection systems, alarm systems, CCTV systems, live-streaming surveillance video and many other automated tasks. Access control software is a business management tool that will be used by facility managers and operations managers as well as facility security and human resources.

 Inexpensive CAT5 Connection

CAT5 wiring is the basis of a modern company’s LAN. Our electronic access control systems connect directly to your companies existing network, right over CAT5 wires. Because the software is coded for the .net system access control communication is nearly instantaneous over the normal CAT5 wires of your LAn. And if you have not yet installed a LAN for your facility this is the perfect time to run CAT5 wiring alongside the access control wiring with very little effect on a project’s overall budget.

Solutions Tailored For You

Count on Legacy ProCraft Group, LLC for innovative ideas when it comes to designing and integrating electronic access control systems for your facility. We have applications for access control systems suitable for small single door applications to thousands of doors and multiple locations. We offer affordable and scaleable access control systems, access control software set-up and training, access control integration and even can offer custom management of your access control system. We design, install and manage access control systems for businesses and facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, including access control systems for Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, Harrisburg PA and Alexandria VA.

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