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70% of Burglars Enter Through Your Door
Door Jamb Armor is Engineered to Stop Kick-ins By Reinforcing All Of The Vulnerable Areas of the Door and Jamb.

“It is professional strength security against kick-ins.” Made from powder coated galvanized steel and featuring patented technology that reinforces the jamb, hinges and locks. Door Jamb Armor repairs cracked or split door jambs without needing to remove your existing jamb; and is one of the most effective ways we have found to reinforce entry points on homes and businesses. Door shields are available in Aged Bronze, Satin Nickel and White to match a variety of existing doors and door hardware styles.

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Repair Split and Cracked Door Jambs

Not only does Door Jamb Armor turn any door into an impenetrable security door, but it also is the affordable way to fix broken, old and split door jambs without having to replace the entire door or jamb.

Residential door jambs are one of the weakest security points on any house. There is less than 1″ of wood holding your door closed. Less than 1″ of wood protecting your family against a kick-in. And as soon as holes are drilled in the jamb to accept your door lock strike plates the door jamb is weakened even further.

The solution is simple…call the residential security experts at Legacy ProCraft for Door Jamb Armor, and rest easy knowing that the entry points to your home are protected by a product that has been engineered and tested to withstand all forceful kick-ins. Guaranteed.

Ordering and Pricing

what is the security of your home and family worth?

Take advantage of our free door and lock measurement service prior to ordering Door Jamb Armor package by calling (717) 739-9293. The complete Door Jamb Armor package, including installation is only $199.00 for the first door opening and $149.00 for each additional door opening. turn your existing door into a security door for a fraction of the cost of a new door

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