Commercial Locksmith and Electronic Systems
November 21, 2014

Security Solutions: Dental Office Gettysburg PA

Case Study: Security at Guise Family Dentistry The security experts at Legacy ProCraft Group were first contacted by staff at Guise Family Dentistry, Gettysburg PA for an emergency lock re-key and deadbolt installation at the dental office due to suspected unauthorized access sometime during the evening of September 29th 2014. […]
October 8, 2014

86% of Burglaries Go Unsolved – Capture Crooks with Security Cameras

86% of Burglaries Go Unsolved The statistics are frightening 70% of property owners will be burglarized…There are 4 home invasions every minute Security Cameras are Proven to Prevent Crime CCTV Camera Systems – Affordable Security Yes, you heard me right. Affordable. Advancements in megapixel technology, combined with cheap imports from […]
October 8, 2014

Capture Crooks with Security Cameras

June 14, 2014

An Overview of Electronic Access Control Systems

High End Access Control Systems are finally affordable for small businesses With advances in technology pushing prices down for the relatively simple CPU’s that are at the heart of every electronic access control system, small businesses can now afford the enhanced security and convenience that a premier electronic access control […]