Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

for one door or hundreds of doors

Electronic access control is the modern way of controlling who goes where, when. Modern door control systems allow for the management of multiple sites by multiple operators and often integrate alarm systems and CCTV systems. And while the power and sophistication of access control systems grow the systems have become very simple to set-up and manage. Many systems offer one button automatic configuration.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

At Legacy we guarantee your complete satisfaction with your new access control system and we make investing in access control risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied with your new system simply call us within sixty days and we will refund all of your money. What other security system company offers such a strong satisfaction guarantee?

Access Control System Networks

Specializing in Door Control Solutions for Businesses in York PA, Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA, Hanover PA and Gettysburg PA Today’s card reader systems operate over existing CAT5 networks or RS-485 networks. These are the same wiring components that form a company’s Local Area Network, Industrial Control Systems Network or Building Automation Network. And if your company has not installed a network yet, your door control system RS-485 or CAT5 wiring can form the basis of a future network at a very affordable price point.

Proximity Card Readers and Biometric Readers

HID cards and card readers utilize the most compatible communication technology on the market, 125kHX Wiegand protocol and are by far considered the industry leader in proximity cards and card readers for access control.

Push button keypads or biometric scanners are often combined with proximity readers to offer two or three tier user authentication for even greater facility security. Card readers or biometric readers send electronic signals along shielded wiring to a Door Control Unit or a Reader Interface Module. When the signal reaches the control panel, the electronic bits (ones and zeroes) that create each unique user identification number is compared to a stored database of authorized users and authorized entry or use times. If the information matches the control unit opens or closes a series of switches that operate the electric door lock permitting access. And if the information does not match the programmed user access data entrance is restricted by either an electric strike or magnetic lock.

Magnetic Locks and Electric Strikes

Magnetic locks and electric strikes are the door-mounted hardware that locks and unlocks a door in an access control system. They are controlled by the door control unit. The access control software can generate user reports for specific doors having magnetic locks and electric strikes and can even set them to a lock-down mode in case of fire or emergency. Depending on specific security and life safety code requirements electric locks are available in fail-safe and fail-secure configurations.

Systems for Equipment and Machinery

Take your warehousing, production and industrial automation to the next level of integration with networked systems designed to permit and monitor the use of production machinery and industrial equipment. As with all of Legacy’s specified systems businesses benefit from the ability to integrate with existing networks and monitor multiple events for safety, productivity and time engineering management.

Contact Legacy ProCraft Group for Access Control Solutions

Facility managers and business owners know they are getting a custom designed access control system and systems integration proposal, that is powerful, scalable and affordable when they contact Legacy ProCraft. All Legacy in-house specified systems use industry standard technologies for maximum network integration without the fear of an access system going obsolete.

Door Control Systems Network Integration

Legacy ProCraft provides competitive and cost effective systems design, installation, upgrade, repair, remote management and systems training for businesses and facilities throughout Pennsylvania. Legacy is an industry leader for Pennsylvania companies located in Harrisburg PA, Lancaster PA, York PA, Gettysburg PA and Hanover PA that seek turn-key door access control solutions.

Networked door entry control systems integration is an important consideration of any business seeking a comprehensive access control and security solution. Our integrated door entry systems for business are sophisticated systems capable of supporting live streaming video and can form a larger enterprise level access control and security system. Additional advanced features like visitor management capabilities, report generation and analytics make these systems a superb choice for growing businesses in Pennsylvania.

Complete Commercial Door Hardware Solutions for Your Business

Legacy ProCraft Group takes pride in developing and maintaining great relationships with all of our commercial and business clients. We specialize in offering affordable, reliable and quality solutions for all of your commercial locksmith, physical security and electronic security needs.

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Telephone Entry Systems and Video Door Phone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are a convenient and practical access control solution for gated communities, apartment buildings, campus housing, office buildings requiring direct monitoring of visitor or guest doors and many other commercial applications. There are also systems designed for discerning residential homeowners seeking greater convenience and security.

Gate Access, Gate Openers and Gate Alarms

Complete any comprehensive access control system with effective vehicle and pedestrian perimeter traffic control using integrated gate openers and gate alarms. Typical applications include parking lot and parking garage swing gates, private community gates, corporate and educational campus security gate access controllers. For complete access and gate access design, installation and troubleshooting contact Legacy ProCraft Group, LLC for solutions designed for you.

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