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September 16, 2014
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Home Security Tips By Locksmith York PA

10 Home Security Tips From Your Trusted York PA Locksmith Company

As a security and locksmith company serving York PA we are often asked by clients, “How can I improve my home security?” We are pleased to release this list of security tips for your home and hope that using these tips will help increase your peace of mind and your home security. For a free security assessment of your property contact us and we would be glad to discuss even more options available to secure your house.

Considering every 15 seconds, there is a home burglary  in the United States, [sources: McGoey, FBI] with an average loss of over $1,500 these tips should not be ignored.

 TIP #1: Control Access to Your House Key

Hopefully, no one is still leaving a copy of your key under the front door mat. But equally important is to control who you give out copies of your house key to. Did you give your housekeeper a copy? What about the babysitter? Do you know for sure that no one can access their keys and thereby get a copy of your house key?

Most burglaries are crimes of convenience, meaning the crooks pick easy targets to rob. And there is nothing easier then if they have a copy of your house key.

So what is the solution? We recommend the August Smart Lock. We are are the area’s Certified Installer for this affordable electronic lock that works with your smart phone to control who has access to your house and eliminates the need to give out your house key. Perhaps best of all it will work with your existing deadbolt lock, so there is no need to replace locks. Though we do recommend re-keying your locks if copies of your keys have been given out in the past. With the August Smart Lock you can easily program who you want to be able access your house without giving out your house key. And you can also view a log of who has accessed the smart lock and what time they entered or exited.

August Smart Lock Certified Installer

TIP #2: Control Information About Your Assets

Besides searching for easy or soft targets, burglars will also target houses they suspect of having high value assets. If you have a safe, or other valuables do not broadcast the fact. Safes are great at deterring criminals, but they are not absolute guarantees of safety.

TIP #3: Control Visitors and Guests

Do you open the door to the entire neighborhood and every distant relative and their guest when you host a social function? You might just be giving a would-be burglar an opportunity to get an up close look at your assets and security measures, or lack thereof. Insist on knowing who is going to be visiting your house. In this instance it is always better to err on the side of caution.

TIP #4: Control Information About Activities

Never ever post on social media if you will be out of town on vacation or away on a business trip. Make arrangements with the post office to hold your mail if you are leaving town. Keep this information within your close social circle and you will greatly increase your home security during periods of extended absence.

TIP #5: Landscape For Security

Shadows, shrubs and concealment are the friend of burglars. Security lighting is a proven low cost solution for deterring crime, as is having a clear line of sight to your home’s entry points from the passing road or neighbor’s house. Burglars do not like to be seen. They tend to be sneaky. It’s our job to make sneaking around your house difficult.

TIP #6: Upgrade Your Entry Points

Locking your doors and windows might not be enough if the locks are cheaply made, if your door is of inferior quality or if you have a standard wood door jamb. These are all potential entry points and they need to be strengthened. If a crook makes it past your security landscaping unseen, a solid door, jamb and quality locks and deadbolts can still keep him out.

We recommend solid wood or steel doors, Door Jamb Armor, and quality locks at a minimum. Glass door and window panes that can be easily accessed should have grills or security laminate film installed.

What is Door Jamb Armor? Click Here To Find Out

TIP #7: Burglars Beware

A prominent security or burglar alarm lawn sign is a great deterrent to the casual burglar. And a fully working and monitored burglar alarm can chase away even the most determined crook.

TIP #8: Talk To Trusted Neighbors

Talking to your close neighbors about home security is an effective way to boost awareness about potential concerns and gain another set of eyes watching your property and noticing if things do not appear normal.

TIP #9: Fooled By Automation

Most burglaries occur when the home is unoccupied. Besides providing modern convenience and energy savings, home automation systems have the added feature of making a home appear occupied.

TIP #10: To Detect, Recognize and Capture

Crooks do not want to be seen. They operate in obscurity. If they are seen they are out of business. In most instances 4 CCTV cameras can effectively monitor the entry points of a house and in some case as few as 2 cameras are all you need.

Well aren’t CCTV cameras expensive?

No, the price has fallen drastically in the last few years. High quality 4 camera systems with DVR and installation are now less then $1500. Most of the time this is less then what you spent on your vacation. So if you can afford to go on vacation, you can afford the serious security benefits that residential CCTV systems offer.

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